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Music For Digital Media – Task 3

March 8, 2013

The video I’ve made for task 3 was produced by recording myself cutting potatoes, putting some potatoes into a sauce pan and tapping cat food tin with a plastic folk. For the first video I used strip silence within Logic, so I could get the initial transient hits of the knife hitting the chopping board. I drew in each individual midi note and synced them to every transient hit, which I then replaced those hits with a percussive sounds in Ultrabeat. I also played some piano notes in between the transient hits, to add more variety to the video. The notes I used are from the C major scale, because I was going for something basic and simple to accompany the percussive parts. In the second video I used strip silence again for the video of  myself dropping potatoes into a pan, but instead of drawing in the  individual midi notes to every hit. I decided to use the Audio To Score setting in Logic, to find out what each transit hit was in midi notes.I used Ultrabeat to replace the original audio in the video with percussive sounds. I used the same technique that I used in the second video with the folk tapping the cat food tin, because I thought this was the easiest method compared to the first one I used. 


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