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Music For Digital Media – Kiefer Sutherland Acer Advert

February 25, 2013

When composing the music for the Kiefer Sutherland Acer advert, I found it quite difficult to come up with some compositional ideas at first. I watched an episode of 24 to get idea of how the music was composed in the TV series. This inspired me to write music for this advert. I thought the best way to approach the music for this advert was to break up the advert into sections and work out the best music for each section.

Although what I did have to keep in mind was that I didn’t want all the music to contrast dramatically in each scene. Although apart from the supermarket scene, it didn’t matter if the music contrasted with the rest of the advert. For the supermarket scene I used an organ loop from the Logic Pro sound library. I applied EQ, Filtering and Reverb to try and re-create the sound of supermarket speaker system.

Most of the sounds I used in composing the music in this advert aren’t of my own creation. All of the percussion and tom loops are all taken from the Prime Loops Cinematic Impacts Volume 1 sample pack. These samples are royalty free and can be used for commercial or non-commercial purposes, which is stated on the Prime Loops website. I decided to the use samples instead programming these parts in because I found it very hard to come up with something similar to the sounds in the prime loops samples. I thought the easiest option was to go for sample loops instead of programming them.

All the percussion parts were used in the majority of the actions scenes besides from the two scenes were Kiefier is making the cup cakes and drives off to deliver them. In these scenes I composed a 3 chords based guitar riff, which I used distortion on my guitar amp, to create that heavy metal guitar sound. I also played some bass and programmed some midi drums to accompany the main guitar riff. I thought the heavy metal based sound suited these two scenes, because it worked better than using the percussion parts that I used in the earlier scenes.

As for the Acer imprint, I just chose 4 notes from the C Major scale, because it’s the first scale that came to my head, so I thought I would use this scale to create the imprint. The notes I used the notes G, F and C, F, from the C Major scale to create the imprint for the Acer logo.


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