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Music For Digital Media – Task 4B – Touch Of Evil

I composed several different percussive elements to accompany each scene. I used some different rhythmic parts that obscure action with in some of scenes, I achieved this by using automated effects within the video. I used reverb on some of the rhythmic parts to create the sense of distance and space, just as the camera moves away. I used EQ filtering for when the car moves out of the car park and the camera is obscured by the large building. I also used different time signatures throughout video to increase and decrease tension. I kept this percussive ticking throughout the whole video to support the scene of the bomb ticking away in the car, until it reaches the climax of the big explosion at the end.


Music For Digital Media – Task 4A

While drawing on points of the still image I have seen, my aim was to create two short pieces were one piece creates affinity and the other creates contrast. In the affinity piece, I used different elements within my piece. For example by building up sounds and fading them out to work the long corridor of walls, which leads to the big build. My idea was to approach the piece as if something was travelling down the long corridor and fades out as it approached the the tall build. Once the object arrives at the big build I decided to re-build all the sounds back together to represent the larger building in the picture and the pad to represent the blue sky.

In the contrast piece I achieved contrast by composing a piece that only using noise based elements with no real rhythmic based sounds, the piece sounds out of place with the image, because it sounds like a soundtrack from a sci-fi horror film, which is how it creates contrast to the image.

Overall I think both pieces make you see the image in different ways when you play the music with the still image.


Music For Digital Media – Task 3

The video I’ve made for task 3 was produced by recording myself cutting potatoes, putting some potatoes into a sauce pan and tapping cat food tin with a plastic folk. For the first video I used strip silence within Logic, so I could get the initial transient hits of the knife hitting the chopping board. I drew in each individual midi note and synced them to every transient hit, which I then replaced those hits with a percussive sounds in Ultrabeat. I also played some piano notes in between the transient hits, to add more variety to the video. The notes I used are from the C major scale, because I was going for something basic and simple to accompany the percussive parts. In the second video I used strip silence again for the video of  myself dropping potatoes into a pan, but instead of drawing in the  individual midi notes to every hit. I decided to use the Audio To Score setting in Logic, to find out what each transit hit was in midi notes.I used Ultrabeat to replace the original audio in the video with percussive sounds. I used the same technique that I used in the second video with the folk tapping the cat food tin, because I thought this was the easiest method compared to the first one I used. 


Music For Digital Media – Kiefer Sutherland Acer Advert

When composing the music for the Kiefer Sutherland Acer advert, I found it quite difficult to come up with some compositional ideas at first. I watched an episode of 24 to get idea of how the music was composed in the TV series. This inspired me to write music for this advert. I thought the best way to approach the music for this advert was to break up the advert into sections and work out the best music for each section.

Although what I did have to keep in mind was that I didn’t want all the music to contrast dramatically in each scene. Although apart from the supermarket scene, it didn’t matter if the music contrasted with the rest of the advert. For the supermarket scene I used an organ loop from the Logic Pro sound library. I applied EQ, Filtering and Reverb to try and re-create the sound of supermarket speaker system.

Most of the sounds I used in composing the music in this advert aren’t of my own creation. All of the percussion and tom loops are all taken from the Prime Loops Cinematic Impacts Volume 1 sample pack. These samples are royalty free and can be used for commercial or non-commercial purposes, which is stated on the Prime Loops website. I decided to the use samples instead programming these parts in because I found it very hard to come up with something similar to the sounds in the prime loops samples. I thought the easiest option was to go for sample loops instead of programming them.

All the percussion parts were used in the majority of the actions scenes besides from the two scenes were Kiefier is making the cup cakes and drives off to deliver them. In these scenes I composed a 3 chords based guitar riff, which I used distortion on my guitar amp, to create that heavy metal guitar sound. I also played some bass and programmed some midi drums to accompany the main guitar riff. I thought the heavy metal based sound suited these two scenes, because it worked better than using the percussion parts that I used in the earlier scenes.

As for the Acer imprint, I just chose 4 notes from the C Major scale, because it’s the first scale that came to my head, so I thought I would use this scale to create the imprint. The notes I used the notes G, F and C, F, from the C Major scale to create the imprint for the Acer logo.


Music For Digital Media – KFC Advert (Works Against Temp Track)

I approached the composition for this soundtrack differently from the first one. Instead of making a track that works with the original temp track, I made a piece of music that is the complete opposite to it. The compositional decisions I made in making this piece of music is to compose the piece in a different time signature. I decided to make the piece in 5/4 timing and only use instruments that are electronic sound based, rather than using acoustic based instruments. The aim of this approach was to create a piece of music that completely works against the original temp track in the advert.


Music For Digital Media – KFC Advert (Works With Temp Track)

I composed the soundtrack for this advert by trying to work with the original temp. When I was composing the music I jammed along to the original temp on my guitar and came up with guitar riff, that was played along to the original tempo of the temp track. The decisions I made when I was composing the soundtrack, is to take elements from the original temp track. For example the use of real guitar and the stops and starts in the music to work with the advert. I also added silences and stops in the soundtrack for when the main dialogue parts came in.


Music for Digital Media – Cockroach Video

I composed the soundtrack to this video made by the Science Museum. The composition decisions I made when making the soundtrack is for the pizzicato strings is to mimic the movements of the cockroach in the video. The pad part is a contrast between the pizzicato string part and the title sequence.